Non-Driving/Non-Motor Vehicle Violations Resulting in License Suspension

Removal ReasonDuration
Under 21 years of age in possession of alcohol; attempt to purchase, possess, or consume alcohol
Title 28-3A-25(19)
3 months
Under 21 years of age use of, or attempt to use, false, forged, deceptive, or nongenuine driver license in attempt to obtain alcohol
Title 28-3A-25(22)
3 months
Conviction of a drug crime
Title 13A-12-290, 13A-12-291, and 13A-12-294
6 months
Gun possession on school grounds
Title 16-28-40(e)(1)
180 days
School non-attendance
Title 16-28-1 and 16-28-40(a)
Failure to pay child support
Title 30-3-174
Gasoline drive-off
Title 13A-8-170
6 months